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We’re Happy to Announce “CLAPP”: A City Branding Initiative

By Urban Innovation Lab

The Urban Innovation Lab announces the launch of the City Love and Prosperity Promotion (Clapp) program. It is a collaborative program to help Indian cities use city branding as a means to create more loveable and liveable cities. Clapp aims to create awareness, curate ecosystems and catalyse actions for city branding. Orcomm Advertising is supporting this program as a communications partner under our City Branding Initiative.

City branding aims at highlighting and articulating unique elements of the city that help to generate a prosperous image of the city to its residents and visitors. It helps cities to increase citizen participation and citizen satisfaction by generating a sense of identity and ownership. Further, city branding leverages intangible values in the city ecosystem and presents opportunities for socio-economic growth of the cities. It is operationalized through perception building and reputation management of the city from the perspectives of diverse stakeholders.

“Cities must be looked at as ‘products’ that have brand value. Such value can be monetized in several ways for the socio-economic growth of cities. For instance, with the city branding approach we can create citizen-led movements, tourism economy, cleanliness campaigns, environment conservation initiatives, startup ecosystem, and much more.”, said Ram Khandelwal, CEO & Founder, Urban Innovation Lab.

Clapp program has three pillars. First, creating awareness focuses on developing an understanding of city branding, what it entails, how it can be useful, who needs to be involved and so on. Second, curating ecosystem focuses on collaborations and partnerships with various players (such as government officials, city ambassadors, anchor organizations, citizen associations) in the urban context to bring together collective consciousness and efforts to support city branding initiatives. And third, catalysing actions focuses on developing pilot projects at the city level and walking the talk of art and science of city branding.

“City branding explores the dimensions related to user experience, perceived value, service quality, legacy and reputation, amongst others in the context of the cities. It is a perception-based metrics on how cities are seen as brands.”, said Amit Koserwal, COO, Orcomm Advertising.

Clapp will be vital in restoring the perception of the city for the inhabitants, and potential visitors. By shifting the image and the attitudes of the people, it would help to attract investments, and also demonstrate the treasures of the city. It will help to explore innovative approaches in urban areas and create a sense of love and attachment to the city.

“Symbolically, Clapp represents a sound of appreciation made by two hands. The program conceives decision influencers and citizens as two key players coming together. The idea is to generate an intangible value in the form of a city brand.”, said Karthik Girish, Volunteer, Urban Innovation Lab.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with city governments, development institutions, think tanks, influencers, private organizations amongst others to realize the full potential of the Clapp program.

To know more about Clapp and to collaborate, please write to us at

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