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Launch of E-Book: Queering The Urbanscape

By Ram Khandelwal

Cities are not just physical spaces but a melting pot of culture. It requires a very human-centric approach to plan, design, develop and manage cities. Without its people, cities are nothing but ghost towns.

We have developed a Diversity and Inclusion in City Ecosystem (DICE) framework. Diversity and inclusion as the key pillars of sustainable cities. We believe it is our ability to observe and adapt to the context that makes our cities great.

We support the Pride Movement globally. This e-book is a token of our support to the community. I am proud of our team to come forward to discuss the cross-section of cities and the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. This e-book is an empathic discourse. The essays explore issues faced by the community in urban living. We highlight global examples - related to public policy, spatial planning and urban technology - for building more inclusive cities.

I hope you find perspectives and ideas in this e-book useful. We are here to support you in making cities queer-friendly.

Download the e-book here:

Download PDF • 13.06MB

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