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KfW Development Bank

Video Film on Energy Sector Portfolio of KfW

Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

Short Video Film

About The Project

In commemoration of its 75th anniversary, KfW is set to highlight its enduring impact and steadfast commitment to India, as exemplified through its country office in India. This project revolves around the creation of a short film, designed for both external and internal audiences, that showcases KfW's pivotal role, engagements and achievements in the Indo-German Development Cooperation, with a specific focus on the energy sector in India. Targeting high-level political leaders and dignitaries from both India and Germany, the film will serve as a visual testimony to KfW's collaborative efforts with the Government of India and various states, emphasizing its contributions towards India's green energy transition. The narrative will encapsulate KfW's comprehensive involvement across the energy value chain, encompassing aspects of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and efficiency. The storyline will trace the evolution from renewable energy generation to the development of transmission and distribution infrastructure, culminating in end-user energy efficiency initiatives.

Under KfW's commission, UIL has been appointed to spearhead the production of this film, encompassing pre-production, production, and post-production stages. The film will integrate specific project footage and photographs. UIL's collaboration with project executing agencies and KfW is pivotal for site selection and logistical arrangements. The production process includes conducting four critical interviews, with UIL coordinating closely with KfW and the executing agencies for selecting interviewees. The final output will align with the specifications of KfW's Communications Department, particularly adhering to KfW's branding guidelines. UIL will maintain a consultative approach with the KfW team, actively incorporating their feedback throughout the production process.

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Services Provided

UIL engaged in discussions with clients to gain insights into the target audience and the intended use of a video showcasing KfW's energy initiatives in India. The video was aimed at high-level political figures who couldn't visit project sites in India. Additionally, it was to highlight the impact of these initiatives at international forums and mark KfW's 75th anniversary in India, attended by top executives from global organizations like the World Bank, French Development Agency, GIZ, ILO, and others. The key activities included:


  • Initial Discussions and Understanding the Audience: UIL began by engaging in discussions with clients to comprehend the target audience and intended use of the video. The primary objective was to present KfW's energy portfolio in India to high-level political officials, who often couldn't visit all project sites. The video was also aimed to showcase the impact of various initiatives in India at international forums.

  • Objective Finalization and Portfolio Review: Following the finalization of key objectives, UIL reviewed KfW's energy sector project portfolio in India. They shortlisted impactful projects across the energy sector value chain, including generation, transmission, distribution, and energy efficiency.

  • Site and Official Selection: UIL identified and finalized project sites and nodal officers in consultation with the client team. They conducted a dipstick assessment using a questionnaire to gather key components, financial information, and project impact from project officers. Additional secondary research was conducted to understand the context and impact on people's lives, and to verify project information with publicly available official data.

  • Pre-production Planning: During pre-production, finalized dates and schedules for shooting in India and Germany, spanning 3-4 weeks. UIL provided shooting teams with field schedules and briefs. This included details of facilities to be shot, shot types, camera settings, and specific questions for project officials and beneficiaries.

  • Shooting Schedules and Preparations: Shooting dates and schedules were finalized early in the process. UIL identified interviewees, including KfW officials in India and Germany, senior government officials, and project beneficiaries. Official letters, interview schedules, and briefs were sent to executing authorities.


  • Script Development and Interviews: The script focused on the scale, innovative features, and impact of each project. It included a mix of narration and interviews to add realism. The story highlighted KfW's history, journey, initiatives, impact, and future commitment in India, focusing on transformational stories and acknowledging all stakeholders. A two-camera setup was used for interviews.

  • Shooting Execution: Filming took place at various locations, including the Sprng 300 MW solar plant in Jaisalmer and other significant sites in Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Bhopal. B-roll footage was captured to enhance the narrative, using a variety of shooting techniques and equipment covering important monuments like Red Fort, Gateway of India and Connaught Place.

  • Interview Coverage: Organized interviews with officials from KfW, government authorities, and beneficiaries, in collaboration with KfW project teams. Interviews with key individuals, including the deputy managing director of the State Bank of India and board members of KfW Group, were conducted. Each interview focused on capturing candid responses, highlighting both technical and emotional aspects of the projects.


  • Post-production and Montage Creation: In post-production, a comprehensive video montage was created, integrating shooting clips, image archives, and AI-generated British voice-over narration. The video featured subtitles, transitions, sound leveling, noise reduction, and color corrections as per brand guidelines. Additional visual elements like maps, video thumbnails, and text overlays were prepared.

  • Film Premiere and Reception: The film premiered in front of top executives from various international development agencies and received significant appreciation.

Featured Projects

  • ACME 300 MW solar plant, Heer/Solar SBI Fortum project.

  • REC/SBI Green Energy Corridor, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Power Grid.

  • Pre-paid meter project, Indore, MP, MPPMCL.

  • Energy-efficient Street lighting, Delhi, EESL.

  • Energy Efficiency housing, Lodha Palava city, Mumbai, SBI.

Featured Interviews

  • Board Member, KfW Group

  • Deputy Managing Director, State Bank of India

  • Project Director, Madhya Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company

  • Beneficiary Resident of Indore City

  • Employee, Solar Power Plant in Jaisalmer

Tools Utilized

  • For Shooting: DSLR Cameras, GoPro, Gimbal, Tripod, Lights, Batteries, Memory Cards, Chargers, Mics, Filters, Drone.

  • For Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022, Adobe After Effects CC 2022.

Outcome and Reception

The film premiered in front of CEOs and senior officials from NITI Aayog, KfW, GIZ, French Development Agency, ILO, World Bank, and the United Nations, receiving significant acclaim.

Unique Aspects of the Project

  • Targeted High-Profile Audience: The film was specifically designed for high-level political officials and international dignitaries, a unique focus that required a tailored approach to content and presentation.

  • Comprehensive Project Evaluation: UIL's meticulous review of KfW's extensive project portfolio in the energy sector of India allowed for a strategic selection of impactful projects, ensuring the film showcased the most significant initiatives.

  • In-depth Pre-production Research: Extensive assessments through questionnaires and secondary research provided a deep understanding of the projects' impacts on communities, adding authenticity and depth to the narrative.

  • Diverse Filming Techniques: Utilizing a range of filming equipment and techniques, including DSLRs, GoPros, drones, and various camera setups, the team captured dynamic and engaging footage across multiple project sites.

  • Strategic Site Selection and Filming: Careful selection of project sites across India, including solar plants, energy corridors, and street lighting projects, highlighted the geographical and technological diversity of KfW's initiatives.

  • Blended Narrative Style: The script cleverly interwove narration with interviews, emphasizing the transformational impact of the projects and the role of various stakeholders, not just focusing on KfW but the broader impact on India's energy landscape.

  • Multifaceted Interview Approach: Interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, from KfW officials to local beneficiaries, provided a holistic view of the projects' impacts, enriching the film with diverse perspectives.

  • Post-production Excellence: Advanced editing techniques, including AI-generated voiceovers and professionally licensed music, enhanced the film's appeal and aligned it with KfW's brand aesthetics.

  • Global Premiere and Recognition: The film's premiere at a significant event attended by CEOs and officials from leading global institutions like NITI Aayog, the World Bank, and the United Nations, underscored its impact and the high level of recognition it achieved.

  • Technological Integration: The project's use of state-of-the-art tools for shooting and editing, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, showcased UIL's commitment to leveraging modern technology for impactful storytelling.

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