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Video Film for Fund Mobilisation for Healthcare Diagnostics


Short Video Film

About The Project

Project SAMRIDH, launched in 2020 through a collaborative effort involving the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Atal Innovation Mission, Women Entrepreneurship Platform, NITI Aayog, and other prestigious entities, was a landmark initiative managed by IPE Global. It signified a substantial leap in strengthening India's healthcare system and addressing emerging health challenges.

The core of SAMRIDH’s strategy was the unique integration of commercial, public, and philanthropic funds, creating a substantial capital pool of $300 million. This financial amalgamation provided grants and debt financing to healthcare enterprises and innovators, enhancing their capacity to deliver high-impact health solutions. In addition to financial aid, SAMRIDH offered critical technical assistance and capacity building, helping these organizations to leverage new sources of capital and adopt blended financing solutions for sustainable growth.

Recognized as one of 'India’s top 50 COVID-19 last mile responders' by the World Economic Forum and a recipient of the P3 Impact Award in 2022, SAMRIDH significantly improved the access, quality, and responsiveness of healthcare services in India, especially during the pandemic.

To capture and convey the essence of this impactful initiative, the hiring of a specialized videography agency was essential. This agency's scope of work encompassed developing a storyline, formulating key messages, creating a script, and developing video frame templates, including font typography. Additionally, they were responsible for selecting appropriate stock images and videos that resonated with SAMRIDH's mission and vision. This comprehensive process was aimed at creating a compelling one-minute video that effectively showcased SAMRIDH's mission, vision, achievements, and its role in transforming India's healthcare landscape.

SAMRIDH's mission focused on catalyzing market solutions and innovations to ensure accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare services for vulnerable populations. Its efforts contributed significantly towards India's Sustainable Development Goals, including Universal Health Coverage, setting a new standard in healthcare innovation and system strengthening.

Services Provided

Urban Innovation Lab (UIL) was appointed as the video production agency for Project SAMRIDH, entrusted with the task of producing a one-minute video that precisely encapsulated the project's activities, impact, and achievements. This three-month-long exercise involved a deep dive into SAMRIDH’s initiatives and their transformative effects on India's healthcare system.

  1. In-Depth Project Analysis and Story Development: UIL began by conducting an exhaustive analysis of SAMRIDH's multifaceted activities. This research phase focused on understanding the project’s mobilization of a $300 million capital pool and its implementation of blended finance models for healthcare enterprises. Utilizing graphic animations and carefully selected stock footage, UIL was able to effectively illustrate these complex financial mechanisms and the support provided to healthcare innovators.

  2. Strategic Storytelling and Visual Representation: UIL structured the video to chronologically highlight SAMRIDH's journey since 2020. Each segment of the video was dedicated to a specific aspect of the project’s impact, from addressing healthcare challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to fostering innovative healthcare technologies. The integration of stock footage depicting healthcare innovations and community impacts, along with custom graphics, brought these stories to life.

  3. Simplifying Complex Concepts: One of UIL’s key accomplishments was translating the technical language of blended finance and healthcare innovation into a format that was accessible to a broad audience. Through a combination of clear scriptwriting, illustrative graphics, and explanatory diagrams, UIL succeeded in demystifying these intricate concepts.

  4. Showcasing Achievements and Collaborations: The video also focused on SAMRIDH's key recognitions, such as being among 'India’s top 50 COVID-19 last mile responders' and receiving the P3 Impact Award in 2022. UIL used dynamic motion graphics and impactful text overlays to emphasize these accolades. Additionally, the video illustrated the project's extensive network of partners and stakeholders, showcasing the collaborative effort behind enhancing India’s healthcare system.

  5. Outcome of the Video Production: Over the three months, UIL meticulously crafted a narrative that not only informed viewers about SAMRIDH’s various initiatives but also highlighted the project’s significant contributions to healthcare in India. The final video stood as a testament to UIL's capability to merge technical precision with compelling storytelling, effectively capturing the essence and impact of Project SAMRIDH.

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