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Sustainability Podcast Video Editing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Video Editing

About The Project

Snowkap embarked on an ambitious project to create 10 video podcasts, aiming to enhance their channel's content. The objective was to transform these podcasts from standard Zoom recordings into visually captivating and engaging videos. To achieve this, Snowkap was in search of a proficient agency capable of delivering high-quality video editing and production services. 


The podcasts, titled "The Climb," are designed to appeal to a diverse audience with interests in Business Sustainability. Each episode delves into critical aspects like policy, regulation, compliance, reporting, and the journey towards a Net Zero* roadmap. Snowkap envisioned a final product that would not only be informative but also visually engaging, drawing inspiration from the adaptability and creativity of American talk shows during the quarantine period. 


The chosen agency, Urban Innovation Lab, was tasked with editing and transforming one-hour Zoom recordings into polished, professional-grade video podcasts. Key elements from iconic talk shows like Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and John Oliver's graphical presentations were to be incorporated, alongside the candid conversation style seen in interviews with Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers. 


The challenge lay in maintaining the authenticity of the Zoom interview format while infusing the production with the dynamism and engagement typical of professional talk shows. The aim was to distribute these podcasts across various platforms including YouTube, social media, and email, thereby broadening their reach and impact. This project was a strategic move by Snowkap to elevate their digital presence and provide their audience with high-quality, informative, and visually appealing content. 

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Services Provided

Urban Innovation Lab executed a comprehensive suite of services for Snowkap's podcast project, entailing sophisticated editing and production techniques. The core activities included: 

  1. Advanced Video Editing and Precision Trimming: Utilizing sophisticated video editing software like Adobe Pemier Pro and After Effects, the team expertly condensed the raw 40-minute podcast footage into a refined format spanning 15–20 minutes. This process necessitated intricate trimming of the technical dialogue, particularly the segments elucidating the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The objective was to distill the comprehensive discussions on CBAM’s objectives, operational mechanics, and its multifaceted implications for the global and EU-specific business landscapes, with a particular focus on the Indian market. 

  1. Strategic Design and Layout Integration: The design strategy was meticulously executed, ensuring the seamless integration of Snowkap and AdQuest Sustainable Solutions' branding elements. This entailed developing a visually coherent layout that aligned with the thematic underpinnings and strategic objectives of the podcast. 

  1. Script Development from Technical ESG Insights: Leveraging extensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) expertise, particularly in CBAM, a novel script was formulated. This script served as the foundation for restructuring the video content, enhancing the narrative’s coherence and amplifying the informational value. 

  1. Implementation of Motion Graphic Effects: To infuse dynamism into the video and accentuate salient speaker points, advanced motion graphic techniques were employed. These effects were instrumental in underscoring pivotal aspects of CBAM, such as its role in mitigating carbon leakage, establishing equitable competition across industries, and delineating its sector-specific impacts. 

  1. Creation and alignment of English Subtitles: In an effort to broaden accessibility and augment comprehension, English subtitles were meticulously generated and integrated. This was particularly crucial for elucidating the more complex technical aspects of CBAM, thereby facilitating a wider audience's understanding. 

  1. Holistic Enhancement for Professional Standards: Each component, from the graphical design to the subtitled narratives, was crafted with a meticulous focus on quality, ensuring the elevation of the podcast’s visual presentation to a professional echelon. The team’s comprehensive approach ensured that the end product was not only visually engaging but also rich in informative content, offering viewers an in-depth understanding of the podcast’s subject matter. 

Overall, Urban Innovation Lab's approach in this project was characterized by a fusion of technical acumen, creative design prowess, and strategic content refinement, all directed towards producing a series of high-caliber, insightful, and captivating video podcasts for Snowkap.

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