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Recruitment of Urban Mobility Specialist


Recruitment Services

About The Project

This project centered on recruiting a Sector Specialist for Green Urban Mobility for a leading German development bank's New Delhi office. The primary goal was to support the bank's initiatives in financing and implementing sustainable urban mobility projects, a vital component of the Indo-German development cooperation in India. 


The role required a candidate with an exceptional combination of skills, including a profound understanding of sustainable transportation, project management expertise, and a nuanced grasp of the Indian urban mobility landscape. The ideal candidate needed to be adept at engaging with a range of stakeholders, from government entities to international partners, effectively contributing to the bank's mission of promoting eco-friendly urban transport solutions. 


The recruitment process was designed to identify an individual who could not only comprehend the technical aspects of green urban mobility but also innovate and implement strategies efficiently. This was in alignment with the objectives of the Indo-German Green Urban Mobility Partnership, aiming to integrate sustainable and inclusive transportation solutions into the urban fabric of India. The successful appointment of the Sector Specialist was expected to significantly bolster the bank's efforts in shaping a greener, more sustainable urban mobility future in India. 

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Services Provided

UIL, a specialized recruitment and human resource management firm, provided a comprehensive suite of services for the recruitment of a Sector Specialist for Green Urban Mobility. This detailed service offering, articulated in technical language, encompassed several key areas: 

1. Market Analysis and Job Profiling: 

UIL initiated the project with an in-depth market analysis, assessing current trends and demands in the field of urban mobility, with a specific focus on the green sector. This analysis included evaluating the skills, qualifications, and experience levels prevalent in the market. Following this, UIL developed a detailed job profile, outlining the necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and personal attributes required for the role, ensuring alignment with the client's specific needs and the industry standards. 

2. Talent Sourcing Strategy: 

UIL employed a multi-faceted talent sourcing strategy, leveraging its extensive professional network and database. This strategy included targeted headhunting, utilization of specialized job boards, social media platforms, and professional networking sites. UIL also conducted outreach to relevant professional associations and educational institutions to tap into a pool of qualified candidates. 

3. Screening and Evaluation: 

The screening process involved a meticulous evaluation of 80+ candidates' resumes, focusing on relevant experience, educational background, and specific competencies related to green urban mobility. UIL utilized a competency-based assessment approach, which included behavioural and situational analysis, to gauge candidates' potential for success in the role. 

4. Interview and Selection Process Management: 

UIL designed and managed a comprehensive interview process for 16 top profiles, which included initial telephonic screenings followed by in-person or video interviews for 5 shortlistedcandidates. The interviews were structured to assess technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and alignment with the bank’s values and objectives in green urban mobility. UIL also coordinated with the client for final round interviews and provided logistical support for candidate and panellist scheduling. 

5. Reference Checks and Background Verification: 

UIL conducted thorough reference checks and background verifications, validating candidates’ professional history, performance, and conduct. This process ensured that the candidates not only met the technical requirements but also had a track record of professional integrity and reliability. 

6. Offer Management and Negotiation: 

Once a suitable candidate was identified, UIL managed the offer process, which included salary negotiations, ensuring alignment with industry standards and the client's budgetary constraints. UIL also facilitated discussions around other employment terms, such as benefits, relocation assistance, and any contractual obligations. 

7. Onboarding Support: 

UIL provided onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition for the candidate into their new role. This support included pre-joining engagement, documentation assistance, and coordination with the client's HR team for a seamless integration process. 

Through these comprehensive services, UIL demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in recruiting for specialized roles in the green urban mobility sector. 

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