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Consolidated Energy Consultants Limited (CECL)

LinkedIn Marketing for Renewable Energy Company


LinkedIn Content 


About The Project

CECL, a leading force in India's wind energy consulting with a rich 37-year legacy, aimed to broaden its international reach and awareness through digital marketing, targeting a global audience passionate about wind energy and sustainability. To achieve this, CECL entrusted UIL with the task of delivering robust LinkedIn marketing services. This initiative was geared towards bolstering CECL's online presence, establishing its reputation as a thought leader, and enhancing engagement with a wider audience. The project encompassed a comprehensive strategy for LinkedIn, involving the creation of insightful articles and meticulous management of the company's LinkedIn page, designed to resonate with and captivate a diverse, international community interested in renewable energy and environmental stewardship. 

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Services Provided

The project successfully delivered comprehensive LinkedIn content marketing services, significantly enhancing the client's brand visibility, thought leadership, and engagement on the platform. The key tasks delivered included the following:  

  • Writing four monthly 750-word articles backed by research to establish thought leadership. 

  • Managing the company's LinkedIn page, including three weekly text posts. 

  • Collaborating with the client's team for brainstorming topics, drafting articles, receiving feedback, making revisions, and publishing approved articles. 

  • Developing a content calendar and scheduling posts for thought leadership and repurposed content. 

Content Strategy, Calendars, Creation and Community Management: We developed a content strategy along with monthly content calendars to execute this strategy. Using various content forms, multiple content were created and community management was done. The detailed activities included the following: 

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Revitalization of the company page with a clear, compelling introduction, call to action, well-designed banners, relevant hashtags, company profile setup, and lead generation forms. 

  • LinkedIn Articles: A series of thought leadership articles focused on technical topics were published, including: 

  • The Evolving Landscape of Wind Energy Sector in India 

  • Navigating Investment Risks in Wind Energy in India 

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Wind Energy Storage Solutions 

  • The Unexplored Potential of On-shore Wind Farms in India 

  • Deep Dive Into The Grid Integration Challenges of Wind Power 

  • Mitigating Wake Effects in Wind Farms 

  • Carousels Posts: Industry-related knowledge-based articles in carousel format covering topics like: 

  • Celebrating Energy Conservation Day: 10 Lesser Known Ways to Conserve Energy At Home 

  • World Soil Day Special: 7 Ways Wind Farms Leads to Improved Soil Health 

  • 9 Essential Software Tools for Wind Flow Modelling 

  • CECL’s Vision: Introducing the National Wind Energy Authority of India 

  • Harnessing Wind Energy In India: Opportunities & Challenges 

  • Top 10 States with Highest Wind Power Potential in India 

  • What’s Fuelling India’s Surge in Wind Energy Demand? 

  • 10 Biggest Independent Power Producers in India 

  • Celebrating Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day with CECL 

  • Sustainability in Action: 6 ESG Case Studies in Renewable Energy 

  • 12 Step Guide To Wind Energy Project Planning and Development 

  • World Tourism Day Special: 10 Most Picturesque Wind Farms Globally 

  • How To Choose Best Location For Wind Farms 

  • A Comprehensive Overview of Wind Energy In India 

  • News Posts: Publishing insights and viewpoints on trending news articles to foster engagement. 

  • Community Engagement: Regular interaction with influencers and professionals through likes and comments to boost engagement. 

  • LinkedIn Group Marketing: Identifying and engaging with wind energy-related LinkedIn groups, promoting CECL posts to industry professionals and key stakeholders. 

Performance Metrics: Achieved a 500% increase, growing from under 100 to over 500 followers in one month through organic content marketing. The performance metrics included 13,000 Impressions, 1500 Clicks, 340 Reactions, 34 Comments, 74 Reposts, and 15% Engagement Rate. 

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