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Graphic Design Services for Meri Poshtik Rasoi Contest


Design Services

About The Project

Launched in 2018, the "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" cooking contest embodies a comprehensive approach to tackling malnutrition across India. This nationwide initiative, conceived in partnership with Idobro Impact Solution, aims to uncover, celebrate, and popularize nutrition-rich native recipes from diverse Indian cuisines. These recipes, leveraging local and traditional ingredients, methods, and knowledge, offer viable solutions to combat malnutrition at both urban and rural community levels. 


The contest's significance extends beyond merely identifying recipes; it is an effort to collate and appreciate the vast culinary heritage of India that is intrinsically nutritious and suited to local dietary needs. It is an initiative to bring traditional, wholesome food to the forefront of modern dietary practices, making it relevant and accessible to a wider audience. This aligns with broader goals of advocating for healthier lifestyles and raising awareness about the potential of traditional foods in addressing nutritional challenges. 


Over three seasons, "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" has seen remarkable participation, attracting 1,500 entries from culinary enthusiasts and professionals across 114 cities, 23 states, and 3 union territories. This extensive engagement highlights the contest’s success in resonating with people from varied cultural and geographical backgrounds, underscoring the rich diversity of India's culinary landscape. 


In orchestrating this contest, Idobro Impact Solution played a pivotal role, particularly in the aspect of visual communication and marketing. They undertook the crucial task of appointing a specialized agency for the design of multiple collaterals, including standees and backdrops. These collaterals were essential in visually representing the ethos and spirit of the "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" contest, thereby enhancing its appeal and reach.

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Services Provided

UIL was appointed as the designated outreach agency for the "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" cooking contest. Their primary task was to create captivating and thematic design elements that would enhance the visual appeal and branding of the event. UIL’s role was integral in ensuring that the contest's essence was effectively communicated through its visual presentation. 

  1. Design Tasks and Execution: Creation of Standees and Backdrops: UIL was responsible for designing standees and backdrops for the event. They provided over 20 design options for the standees, each reflecting the contest's theme of nutrition-rich native recipes. The backdrops were designed to serve as an attractive setting for the event, adding to the overall ambiance. 

  2. Adherence to Brand Colors: In crafting these designs, UIL meticulously adhered to the brand colors, ensuring consistency and brand alignment. This attention to detail in maintaining brand identity was crucial in creating a cohesive visual experience for the event. 

  3. Highlighting Prominent Chefs: The standees designed by UIL prominently featured renowned chefs participating in the contest. This not only served to honor these culinary experts but also added a level of prestige and allure to the event. 

  4. Rapid Turnaround Time: Remarkably, UIL completed the extensive design work, including multiple options for standees and backdrops, within a tight timeframe of just 7 days. This rapid delivery demonstrated UIL's efficiency and commitment to meeting the event’s tight schedule. 

  5. Digital and Physical Branding Synergy: The designs created by UIL were not limited to the physical event but were also used for digital branding across various platforms. This synergy between physical and digital branding elements amplified the event’s reach and impact. 

  6. Event Photography and Social Media Highlight: The visually appealing standees and backdrops designed by UIL became prominent photography points for stakeholders attending the event. These elements were strategically used in social media campaigns, further enhancing the event's visibility and appeal 

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