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Idobro Impact Solutions

E-mail Marketing Campaign for Meri Poshtik Rasoi Contest

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

E-mail Marketing

About The Project

The "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" cooking contest, initiated in 2018, represents a comprehensive approach to combating malnutrition across India. This innovative contest, in partnership with Idobro Impact Solution, was designed to unearth, compile, and celebrate nutrient-rich native recipes intrinsic to Indian cuisine. These recipes hold immense potential in addressing malnutrition at a community level, utilizing local and traditional ingredients, methods, and knowledge. 


Objectives and Aims 

The primary aim of the contest was to bring to light traditional food practices that are nutritious, culturally relevant, and tailored to local contexts. By spotlighting these recipes, the contest aimed to foster broader awareness and advocacy for healthier lifestyles. This initiative was not just a competition but a movement to rekindle interest in indigenous cooking methods and ingredients, often overlooked yet potent in fighting nutritional deficiencies. 


Extensive Reach and Participation 

Over three seasons, "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" successfully garnered widespread participation, receiving 1,500 entries from culinary enthusiasts spanning 114 cities, 23 states, and 3 union territories. This extensive reach underscored the contest's appeal and relevance across diverse cultural landscapes of India, highlighting a rich tapestry of culinary heritage and nutritional wisdom. 


Collaboration with Idobro for Execution 

Idobro Impact Solution played a pivotal role in the operational execution of the contest. Their responsibilities included scouting for chefs and nutritionists from across India who could contribute valuable insights into traditional cooking. Idobro’s expertise was crucial in ensuring that the contest attracted entries that were not only gastronomically appealing but also nutritionally beneficial. 


Marketing and Outreach Campaign 

To maximize the contest's reach and impact, a strategic marketing and outreach campaign was undertaken. Digital marketing efforts were complemented by personal contact advertisements to attract top-tier culinary talent. An external agency was engaged to spearhead this campaign, ensuring a structured and effective outreach. Their role involved crafting a compelling narrative around the contest, leveraging various media channels to amplify its presence and attract diverse participants. 

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Services Provided

UIL, as the designated marketing agency for the "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" cooking contest, implemented a multifaceted digital marketing strategy. Their efforts focused on leveraging email marketing, LinkedIn, and Facebook campaigns to maximize outreach and participation. These strategies proved highly effective, contributing to over 100 entries from across India within just 10 days. 

Email Marketing Campaign 

  1. Targeted Email Blasts: UIL crafted and distributed a series of targeted email blasts to a curated list of culinary enthusiasts, chefs, nutritionists, and food bloggers across India. These emails highlighted the contest's objectives, the importance of traditional recipes in addressing malnutrition, and the prestige of participating in a national contest. 

  2. Regular Updates and Reminders: To keep potential participants engaged and informed, UIL sent regular updates about the contest, including entry deadlines, guidelines for submission, and inspirational stories from previous participants. 

  3. Personalized Communication: Customized emails were sent to key influencers in the culinary world, inviting them to participate or promote the contest within their networks, thereby amplifying reach and participation. 


LinkedIn Marketing Campaign 

  1. Professional Networking Outreach: UIL utilized LinkedIn to reach out to professional chefs, dietitians, and food industry experts. They created posts that highlighted the contest’s unique proposition and its role in promoting health and nutrition. 

  2. Engaging Content: Content shared on LinkedIn included participant testimonials, snippets of unique recipes, and insights into the nutritional value of traditional Indian cuisines. This approach helped in generating interest among a professional audience. 

  3. Collaborations and Partnerships: Leveraging LinkedIn’s networking capabilities, UIL sought collaborations with culinary schools, nutritionist forums, and food industry groups to further spread the word about the contest. 


Facebook Marketing Campaign 

  1. Community Engagement: UIL’s Facebook strategy involved creating and sharing engaging content that resonated with a broader audience. This included appealing visuals of traditional dishes, short videos on healthy cooking tips, and interactive posts encouraging users to share their own recipes. 

  2. Facebook Ads: UIL deployed targeted Facebook ads to reach a diverse demographic across India. These ads were optimized for maximum engagement and click-through rates to the contest submission page. 

  3. User-Generated Content: Encouraging participants to share their entries on Facebook, UIL created a ripple effect of organic outreach. Participants’ networks were thus leveraged, leading to a wider awareness and increased entries. 

Result and Impact 

The combined efforts of email, LinkedIn, and Facebook marketing campaigns by UIL led to an impressive influx of over 100 entries in just 10 days, showcasing the efficacy of the tailored digital marketing strategies. UIL’s approach not only emphasized the contest's objectives but also successfully tapped into the rich culinary diversity of India, making "Meri Poushtik Rasoi" a nationwide success. 

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