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World Wide Fund for Nature India

Digital Campaign for Building Climate Resilience for Cities’


Digital Campaign

About The Project

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) set out to initiate a technical and strategic digital campaign titled 'Building Climate Resilience in Cities', focusing on educating and engaging citizens in urban climate change issues. To execute this, WWF enlisted the expertise of a specialized agency, UrbanPIE, to handle the intricate tasks of the campaign. The campaign's approach was two-fold: 

  • Increasing Citizen Awareness: WWF aimed to amplify public understanding of climate change's impact on urban areas. The technical aspect involved curating a series of educational materials – a blend of informative posts, insightful articles, and engaging videos. The content was meticulously crafted to underscore the urgency and importance of climate resilience in cities, aiming to inform and sensitize the urban populace about this pressing matter. 

  • Engaging Citizens in Solution-Focused Dialogue: The second objective was to encourage citizen participation and interaction. This involved creating interactive content like polls, surveys, and thought-provoking posts. The goal was to not only engage but also to foster a collaborative environment where the public could discuss and contribute to potential solutions for urban climate issues. 


For the effective implementation of this campaign, WWF’s technical requirements included a robust content strategy that aligned with the objectives, meticulous planning for content distribution across various social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and a continuous monitoring and feedback mechanism to gauge audience engagement and refine strategies accordingly. 


UIL the onboarded agency, was responsible for translating these technical requirements into actionable steps. This included developing a detailed content calendar, producing a diverse range of digital content, and ensuring its optimized delivery on each platform. The agency's role was crucial in bridging WWF’s strategic vision with practical execution, ensuring the campaign's message was communicated effectively to the target audience  

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Services Provided

In executing the digital campaign 'Building Climate Resilience in Cities' for WWF, Urban Innovation Lab(UIL) orchestrated a series of technical and strategic activities, categorized into four key areas: 


  • Content Strategy Development and Calendarization: 

    UIL began with a comprehensive analysis of campaign objectives and audience demographics to devise a robust content strategy. A detailed customer persona was drawn, content calendar was created, covering the period from July 17, 2023, to July 24, 2023, systematically outlining a diverse mix of content types—videos, carousels, text posts, polls, and stories—across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Topics ranges from waste water management, solid waste management, urban floods, urban heat island effect, urban transportation amongst others. Specific posts such as "Nature Based Solutions: An Ecological Approach to Resilient Cities" and "Green Entrepreneurship: Unlocking Opportunities for Climate-Resilient Cities in India" were meticulously scheduled to maximize user engagement and knowledge dissemination. 

  • Creative Content Production and Optimization: 

    Creative assets were tailored to each thematic element identified, such as "Waste Management in Indian Cities" and "Youth and Climate Resilience," ensuring a rich mix of engaging and informative content. UIL optimized the content for each social media platform's specific audience and functionality, using Twitter threads for detailed narratives, LinkedIn posts for professional engagement, and Instagram stories and carousels for their high visual impact and user interaction. Nearly, 15 days of content comprising of 30 digital assets was prepared including reels, carousels, text posts, polls, stories for LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  

  • Audience Engagement and Interaction Facilitation: 

    UIL crafted and distributed interactive content, including polls like "Neighborhood Recycling Programs" and narrative video reels such as "Story: From River Restoration to E-rickshaws," to stimulate user participation and dialogue. Active monitoring of audience interactions was employed to maintain a vibrant and responsive campaign, facilitating community involvement and discussion on urban climate resilience.  

  • Performance Monitoring and Analytical Reporting: 

    Key performance indicators were meticulously monitored for each content type, assessing engagement rates, audience growth, and the quality of interaction. Post-campaign, UIL provided a detailed report evaluating the performance of content pieces, which included an analysis of campaign effectiveness, audience engagement, and strategic insights for future campaigns.  


RESULTS: The campaign achieved remarkable results, generating a total of 21,833 likes, 39,015 views, 45 comments, and 146 reshares/reposts/retweets. The total impressions made were 88,321. This quantifiable success demonstrated the efficacy of UIL’s strategic planning and execution in raising awareness and fostering community engagement in building climate resilience in urban settings.

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