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10 Indian UrbanTech Startups Solving Urban Mobility Problems

Technology Startups Leading The Urban Digital Transformation Journey

Without urban mobility, our cities can not function. It is the lifeline of the cities. It is the key growth enabler. The increasing population in cities have caused acute stress on urban infrastructure, especially on urban mobility. Cities are struggling with long commute times, increased accidents, degraded environment, increased pollution and increased cost of travel.

Interestingly, technology is helping solve urban mobility problems. UrbanTech startups are offering solutions never seen before. It is making the commuter experience better, reducing the cost of travel and saving the environment. Mobility-as-a-service is gaining popularity across segments. In fact, uber and ola have become household brands in many large and medium cities.

We take a close look at how UrbanTech in the urban mobility domain is changing the way we commute. How the challenges related to urban mobility are being solved with emerging technologies? How intuitive ideas coupled with smart applications are changing the user experience for better urban commuting?

We present examples of 10 Indian technology startups. Solving problems related to urban mobility in an environment-friendly way.

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Are you someone who uses the metro train for daily commute? Have you struggled in finding a rickshaw or auto to drop you at the metro station? Ever got late to the office due to unavailability of public transport at peak hours? Isn’t it exhaustive with regard to both time and money?

Oye! Rickshaw comes to the rescue. They offer solutions to millions of riders using public transport on a daily basis. They provide an app-based e-rickshaw booking facility to the commuters. They facilitate intermediate paratransit services to commuters through micro-mobility solutions. They offer mobility-as-a-service used tech-based platforms. They provide green mobility through a fleet of electric vehicles. They achieve their goal by bringing ease and convenience. They provide the widest choice, superior customer service, lowest prices, and unmatched benefits.

Cities develop a complete mobility ecosystem through first and last-mile connectivity. It enhances shared mobility within the city. Commuters experience a reliable, affordable, and convenient ride. It creates better economic opportunities for e-rickshaw drivers. It helps cities in reducing congestion on roads and saves fuel.


The bad condition of urban roads can cause a loss of lives and serious road accident injuries. Many are injured for no fault of their own. Around billions are wasted in increased operating costs of vehicles. Travel safety is becoming a serious concern.

RoadBounce brings app-based solutions to determine road conditions. Their purpose is to develop decision support tools to make roads pothole-free and safe to drive. The app provides information on road roughness and driving comfort. They offer a navigation feature that alerts the users about any potholes, speed breakers, or any similar issues. It collects uniform data to support decision-making. It provides visualization of road conditions before and after repairs and maintenance of roads.

Cities can create safe and convenient road travel. Public authorities and toll road operators can use the app to monitor and improve ride quality. The drivers can make choices of route based on ride quality. It helps in reducing the operating cost of travel, increases journey speed, and saves time and money for the commuters.


Worried about the safety of your children during their school commute? Usually, parents are very anxious when it comes to their children. They are afraid to depend on buses, vans, or cabs for school commute due to safety reasons.

Ospox is an app developed by Traxoid to bring a sigh of relief to parents and caretakers. It enables real-time school bus tracking and bus attendance. It retrieves live data from a GPS tracker installed in school vehicles. It shows the live vehicle location on a map. The app users can access route history and speed violations. You can keep a track of the distance traveled and stoppage along with the location. The app generates automated pick-up and drop alerts of student arrival and departure at designated bus stops. It makes pick-up and drop scheduling easier and convenient.

Cities can create child-friendly cities. It increases convenience for caregivers. It improves the accountability of vehicle drivers. It helps in route optimization and improving driver behavior. It provides information for emergency use.


Have you or any of your loved ones faced an issue in booking an ambulance in need of an hour? Getting access to an ambulance at the earliest when needed is one of the biggest aids. After all, one should get help when it actually matters.

Medulance Healthcare provides on-demand ambulance services. They operate like an Uber of ambulances. Their aim is to make ambulances available as easily as cabs. Various ambulance service providers partner with Medulance to ensure timely availability. They have developed a mobile application where users can book ambulances. The nearest available ambulance is assigned to

the user to ensure minimum turnaround time. The users can pay online. They strive to provide high-quality, clean ambulances at competitive prices within minutes. Their technology platforms allow the users and the ambulance drivers to connect with each other directly. They have aggregated a fleet of 5,000 ambulances across the country.

Cities are able to save more lives with improved ambulance services. It aids in creation of a robust healthcare infrastructure. Users get easy access to ambulances in a timely manner and at a fair price.


Have you been in a situation when you just moved to a new city for a job? Ever felt clueless about the commute? Faced difficulty in finding the right mode of travel to reach your office timely and safely? Looking for a more affordable mode of transport?

Shuttl provides a solution for your daily office commute. They provide an app-based interface to book a bus ride to your office. They assure a guaranteed seat, cashless payments, affordable prices, and sanitized rides. They incorporate appropriate safety measures. They opt for stringent driver verification. Users can select their destination, find a route, book a time, and track ride. On the mobility-as-a-service model, corporates can get better employee commuter service at low cost with efficient route designs and competitive fleet rates. Leading corporations have connected with Shuttl to offer safe commute options to their employees.

Cities can create a public transportation infrastructure without much public investment. Commuters experience safe, reliable, affordable, and dignity in their daily commute. Pooled service reduces fuel consumption and minimizes the traffic on roads. With their tracking and surveillance systems, women feel secure during their commute.


Have you been using your personal vehicle for commuting to work? But, you travel alone and have vacant seats in your vehicle. Don’t you think it will be great if you can find people traveling on similar routes? You can save some money and enjoy some company.

sRide is one of the leading car and bike pooling app. It is a revolutionary and fun way to pooled commuting. Whether you are a car or bike owner, post your ride details on sRide and they will match you with co-riders on your way. They connect vehicle owners and commuters. It helps in saving up to 80% on commute cost. It provides an opportunity for riders to expand their network as different professionals from different domains carpool and commute together.

Cities benefit from a shared mode of transportation. It makes a positive impact on the environment. It contributes to reducing traffic and congestion on roads. It reduces pollution and saves the environment.


Are you an environment enthusiast? Do you want to make a positive change in society? Do you want to cut down on your vehicle emissions? Are you someone who enjoys cycling? However, you do not own a cycle.

Planet Green Bikes offer an eco-friendly solution. They offer micro-mobility through cycles on a mobility-as-a-service model. They provide a fleet of cycles and cycle shelters at various locations. You can hire and return bicycles from any station. It encourages people to use cycles for an eco-friendly commuting experience. Any person who is interested in last-mile connectivity can register and book a ride on the app. The users can reach the nearest docking station, unlock using a smart card or QR code, and ride and return to the nearest cycle shelter.

Cities can create healthier communities and a greener environment. Users can get access to micro-mobility using digital channels. It reduces carbon emissions due to personal mobility. It creates a sense of pride in the rider as they are doing their bit in keeping the city green.

8. PARK+

Are you someone who is worried about parking space whenever you are heading out to the mall or market? Are you forced to spend your valuable time finding a parking lot? Tired of circling the streets, wasting time and fuel in search of parking? Or, are you someone who has a large vacant space that is sub-optimally utilized?

Park+ is an app to connect parking users with parking providers. Its mission is to connect commuters to safe, secure, and digitized parking spaces. They provide solutions to get cars off the street and utilize under-utilized parking spaces. They reduce congestion on busy streets. Parking owners can rent out parking space and earn a rental income. Users can discover their parking space and book in advance by paying online. It helps the users to navigate to reserved spots and park with ease. It offers a digital payment solution.

Cities can increase the supply of parking spaces by bringing idle parking spaces in use, without much investment. It optimizes space utilization in the city. It creates economic opportunities for individual and institutional parking owners. It adds convenience to parking users. It saves time and fuel and reduces congestion.


Are you someone who uses metro trains or local trains for everyday travel? Do you have to remain in long queues and carry change for getting the tickets?

Ridlr is a public transport ticketing and commuting app. It is apt for daily intracity travel needs. It helps get rid of queues and hassles of carrying change. Commuters may recharge metro smart cards as well as buying the bus tickets. It also gets travelers the timetable for metro trains, local trains, and buses. Users can plan their commute with traffic updates and alerts about delays, cancellations, mega blocks, etc. It allows commuters to access real-time information about the various modes of transportation. It also books tickets and tokens through the app with digital money. It was acquired by Ola in 2018.

Cities can benefit from improved user experience of multi-modal transportation. Commuters can reduce their wait time and plan travel in advance. They can stay informed about any changes in train and bus schedules on a real-time basis.


Are you someone who depends on shared mobility or public transport for commuting? Are you looking for a low-cost travel option? Have you heard about the low running costs of electric vehicles?

BluSmart is India's first and leading all-electric ride-hailing mobility service. They provide shared mobility solutions. Users can download the app through a link on the website. All the vehicles they use as cabs are electric vehicles. The company has its own EV charging stations. The service, which is the first of its kind in India, bundles together services like ride-hailing, car-sharing, and shared charging into a single platform. The users can book their cap using the app. Payments can be made online.

Cities can transition to electric vehicles. Users can benefit from efficient, affordable, intelligent, safe, and reliable mobility. It reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. It reduces carbon emissions. It makes our cities cleaner and greener.

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