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"More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. They collectively contribute over 80% of the world's GDP.  Our planet's sustainability depends on how we manage cities.  Whether its air pollution, traffic congestion, obesity or depression -  cities play a crucial role."


01 about us



We work on cities.





We innovate.

We experiment and learn.

We Innovate Urban.































Research & Development Unit

CityX is our platform for carrying out experiments in the city ecosystem. We identify urban problems, test hypotheses and carry out experiments to validate the results. During this problem-solving process, we develop knowledge products and technology solutions.


Incubator & Accelerator Unit

GrowU is our platform to incubate and accelerate UrbanTech startups. We provide an ecosystem for startups on their journey from idea to implementation. We provide business services and funding for design, research, prototyping, business planning, marketing, networking, and fundraising.


We explore new approaches and solutions to tackle urban challenges.  We develop ideas, knowledge, products and solutions to influence the city stakeholders for a better future of our cities. We use multi-disciplinary approaches from fields such as architecture, planning, engineering, public health, industrial design, information technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, user experience, environmental science, social science, and human behavior.

We strongly believe in the idea of collective consciousness. We network and collaborate with individuals and organizations. Join us in our vision for a better urban future.


02 portfolio


We take up suo-moto, partnership and sponsored projects in areas of urban innovation. Our projects focus on carrying out research and experiments in urban context to develop white papers and prototypes. Our projects solve urban problems. Watch out this section for the  projects that we are undertaking right now and going to start soon.


If you would like to collaborate with us on any of these projects or any other projects that you may be interested in, please feel free to drop an email.

We’ll be happy to connect and discuss with you.

Golf Course with Lake

Urban Sustainability Index

Urban Sustainability Index is an analytical tool that provides a comprehensive measure of extent of urban sustainability in cities.

Urban Innovation Index

Urban Innovation Index is an analytical tool that provides a comprehensive framework to measure the extent of innovation in Indian cities.

Scientist with Microscope

SegVe: Smart Waste Segregation Vehicle

SegVe is a mobile vehicle that provides solid waste segregation service at door-step. Our vehicle is equipped with AI and robotics.


We believe that a great innovation starts with a small idea. A problem that has not been solved yet. We like to exchange views on ideas that foster urban innovation. Watch out this section for topics that we are discussing. 

If you would like to hear our views and ideas on any particular topic,

please feel free to drop an email.

Virtual Reality Goggles

10 UrbanTech Startups

Technology Startups Leading The Urban Digital Transformation Journey

UrbanTech is an emerging ecosystem of urban innovation. It uses technology as a means to address the needs and wants of the growing urban population.

We present examples of 10 Indian technology startups. Solving urban problems related to mobility, water, environment, energy, communities, and real estate.


03 collaborate


Cities are complex systems of systems.

We believe that the only way to transform cities is to collaborate.

That is why, partnership is core to our existence.


We are keen to develop associations, collaborations and partnerships.

We partner and collaborate with students, volunteers, professionals, researchers and organizations to solve urban problems. ​


Are you a student, researcher or professional? Do you want to work on innovative projects that solve urban problems? Or do you want to mentor urban startups?


Are you a startup? Do you have an idea or a solution to solve an urban problem? Are you seeking support for the idea to implementation journey? 


Are you looking for impact investing in the urban sector? Do you want to identify credible startups and solutions that solve urban problems through innovation? 


Are you a city authority, government, development agency or private foundation? Is your city of interest facing acute urban problems? Are you looking for innovative solutions?


Are you a think tank, research body or an academic institute? Do you want to partner with urban innovators? Do you want to co-create knowledge and solutions? 


04 our story


Urban Innovation Lab was founded in 2021 by Ram Khandelwal.

We are a mission based innovation business.


Our Logo

Our thought process is inspired by the ‘nine dots’ puzzle - thinking out of the box. We believe that cities are complex ecosystems. To solve the urban problems, we need to innovate. The orange color of ‘nine dots’ resonates our excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It represents a state of readiness to make transition from a stationary state to a motion state.

Our Tagline

‘Innovate Urban’ is not just a statement for us, but our core philosophy. We exist to make innovations in managing cities and making them better places. We believe that innovation can happen across process, products, user experience, and business model. Whether big or small, whether novel or just an improvement. It’s all innovation for us.


Urban Innovation Lab

Ram Khandelwal

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After spending over 10 years in the urban sector, Ram took upon the challenge to bring together new ideas, knowledge and solutions into the urban sector. He strongly feels that the rapidly emerging technologies are posing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the urban sector. He is an advocate of urban innovation. He aims to develop novel approaches to make cities better places. To pursue his passion for the urban sector,  Ram launched Urban Innovation Lab to develop and foster new ideas and solutions for the urban sector.

Ram is an urban planner with 10+ years of experience in consulting, research and teaching in the urban sector.  He has worked as an urban sector specialist on assignments in India, UK, Bangladesh and Tanzania. In India, he has been to over 100 cities in 20+ states. He has worked with reputed clients like the UN, World Bank, ADB, DFID, FCO, AfD amongst others and held positions with MNCs like PwC, IPE Global, Yes Bank, ICF International, S&P CRISIL etc. He has advised the central government, the state governments and the local governments in the urban sector. Ram has worked extensively on smart cities projects. He’s a visiting faculty at the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. He has been invited as a jury member to CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He has professional qualifications in financial management, infrastructure planning and urban planning.


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