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City from Below

"More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. They collectively contribute over 80% of the world's GDP.  Our planet's sustainability depends on how we manage cities.  Whether its air pollution, traffic congestion, obesity or depression -  cities play a crucial role."


01 about us



We work with cities.





We innovate.

We experiment and test.

We Innovate Urban.


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Urban Management

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IT Solutions


Digital Solutions

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Public Speaker

Urban PIE

Urban PIE is a digital content platform for urban solutions. We create content on cities highlighting solutions making cities better. Through our digital content, we influence citizens, professionals and decision makers to take actions for better cities. UrbanPIE was selected for the Citizen Innovation Lab Hackathon, which was organised by CIIE.CO at IIM Ahmedabad and supported by Omidyar Network India.

Pro Consultant

Pro Consultant is the best place to find your next consultancy project or hire a consultant in the development sector. We help individual consultants find the best job opportunities and offer a convenient way to consulting companies to find qualified consultants for your development sector projects.

Group Discussion
Advisory & Research

03 advisory and research

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Knowledge Partner for

Clean Community Challenge

The HCL Foundation commissioned Urban Innovation Lab to plan a neighbourhood-level cleanliness competition framework in Noida's residential areas. RWA administrators were provided with a self-evaluation framework to ascertain the current state of infrastructure, service delivery, innovation, sustainability, and institutionalisation. For the purpose of objectively identifying gaps and areas of intervention in solid & liquid waste management, air quality, walkability, and inclusivity, a number of toolkits have been developed.

Technology Innovation in Disaster Management and Urban Resilience

Urban Innovation Lab was commissioned by the GIZ Innovation Fund team as part of the Indo-German Cooperation programme to investigate the effects of innovative technologies like Blockchain, AI, and IoT on disaster management in the partner states of Kerala, Telangana, and Odisha. The process included conducting interviews with industry experts and doing case studies to help determine the best direction for developing pilot projects. The business processes were reviewed, an as-is and to-be analysis conducted, and flowcharts and use case diagrams drawn up.

Walking in Water
Sewage Treatment Plant

Sector Review and Strategic Roadmap for Used Water Management

Centre for Water and Sanitation (C-WAS), CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) appointed Urban Innovation Lab to review the policy, institutional and regulatory framework for used water management in cities of Maharashtra. As part of the research, Maharsahtra's current practices were assessed, as well as those of other states and nations, along with the most pressing problems associated with managing waste water and potential solutions.

Our Story

04 our story

Urban Innovation Lab was founded in 2021 as a

mission-based organisation committed to making cities better.

We're a startup recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India (GoI).


Our Logo

Our thought process is inspired by the ‘nine dots’ puzzle - thinking out of the box. We believe that cities are complex ecosystems. To solve the urban problems, we need to innovate. The orange color of ‘nine dots’ resonates our excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It represents a state of readiness to make transition from a stationary state to a motion state.

Our Tagline

‘Innovate Urban’ is not just a statement for us, but our core philosophy. We exist to make innovations in managing cities and making them better places. We believe that innovation can happen across government processes, business models, and citizen engagement. Whether big or small, whether novel or just an improvement, it’s all innovation for us.


To develop innovative solutions for a better future of cities.

CEO & Founder

Urban Innovation Lab

  • LinkedIn

Ram Khandelwal founded Urban Innovation Lab to bring together new ideas, knowledge and solutions into the urban sector. He strongly feels that the emerging technologies and cross-disciplinary approaches have immense potential to solve unprecedented challenges of climate change and sustainability in cities. He's committed to making cities better places. 

Ram is an urban sector professional with more than a decade of experience in consulting, research and teaching. He has worked as consultant with the UN-Habitat and the World Bank. He has worked on consulting assignments in India, UK, Bangladesh and Tanzania. In his past roles, he led teams at PwC, IPE Global, Yes Bank, ICF International, CRISIL, SGI Global and Greater Noida Authority. He's an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad, CEPT University, Ahmedabad and School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.


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