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Pre Production

We are your perfect partner for creating impactful films in the social and development sector. Our meticulous pre-production process includes brainstorming and goal-setting, audience analysis, and scriptwriting to craft a compelling narrative. We excel in visual planning with detailed storyboards, shot lists, and mood boards to ensure a cohesive style. Our budgeting and scheduling expertise keeps projects on track and within budget. We also handle location scouting and securing permits, hire and brief essential crew members, and source the necessary equipment and props. With our comprehensive logistics planning, including travel, accommodation, and catering, your project is strategically crafted to resonate with your audience and highlight impactful stories effectively. Partner with us to bring your vision to life seamlessly.


Our video production services are dedicated to transforming your concepts into compelling visual content with precision and creativity. Our skilled crew includes directors, cinematographers, sound technicians, and specialized drone operators, ensuring flawless execution. We strictly adhere to scripting and organizational requirements, respecting cultural sensitivities when collaborating with communities. From meticulous equipment setup and set design to managing scene blocking and directing talent, we ensure exceptional quality throughout filming. Our comprehensive logistics management keeps projects on schedule and safe, supported by seamless on-set communication and real-time adjustments. With meticulous data management and thorough wrap-up, we preserve every moment captured. Partner with us to bring your stories to life in a visually impactful way.


In our comprehensive post-production services, we utilize software like Adobe Creative Cloud to enhance your video content. From editing—where we assemble raw footage into a cohesive sequence and refine pacing—to color grading, adjusting hues for visual impact, we ensure your video achieves the desired mood. Our audio post-production enhances dialogue, music, and sound effects to elevate the auditory experience. Visual effects (VFX) and CGI add dynamic visual enhancements, while titling, graphics, and sound design enrich storytelling. Whether composing original music or licensing tracks, we tailor the soundtrack to complement your narrative. With meticulous final mastering and quality control, we prepare a polished product for distribution across multiple platforms. Client feedback guides our process, ensuring we meet your exact specifications and deliver a final video that exceeds expectations. Partner with us to craft compelling visual narratives for your impact story.


Urban Innovation Lab excels in providing specialized documentary and filmmaking services tailored specifically for the social and development sectors. Our team of expert photographers, videographers, and cinematographers skillfully captures the nuanced narratives of beneficiaries and vulnerable communities across rural and urban landscapes in India. From meticulous scripting to precise post-production, incorporating advanced color correction and editing techniques, we ensure each video project effectively communicates the distinctive challenges and achievements of social initiatives.


By partnering with us, clients receive meticulously crafted videos that illuminate the profound impact of development sector projects on local communities. Our services empower organizations to articulate compelling narratives that resonate deeply with stakeholders and inspire positive change. Moreover, we offer customizable video templates, facilitating effortless adaptation and reuse of content to enhance outreach and engagement across diverse audiences.


Urban Innovation Lab is dedicated to harnessing the power of visual storytelling to amplify voices, cultivate empathy, and drive substantive progress within the realms of social and development advocacy.

Types of Videos

Explainer Videos

Urban Innovation Lab excels in producing highly technical explainer videos designed to articulate complex concepts with clarity and precision. Utilizing advanced visual aids and narrative techniques, these videos are essential for internal and external communication within the social and development sectors. They ensure comprehensive understanding among diverse stakeholders, enhancing the dissemination of intricate information and facilitating informed decision-making processes. Urban Innovation Lab boasts a rich video library of over 100 explainer videos, covering a wide array of topics that showcase startups revolutionizing the Indian urban landscape. These videos address critical subjects such as climate change, technological interventions for community benefits, waste management, and urban transportation, demonstrating our comprehensive expertise in the social and development sectors.

Tutorial Videos and Podcasts

Our tutorial videos are meticulously crafted to demonstrate step-by-step processes, including advanced podcast editing, sophisticated video branding, and the creation of detailed tutorial diagrams and infographics. These instructional videos or capacity building videos serve as critical training tools, enabling users to efficiently master and implement tasks. As the communication partner for Heart Health India Foundation, Urban Innovation Lab has produced, shot, edited, and delivered over 200 videos. Notably, our expertise includes capturing high-performing reels from single podcasts. These reels are crucial in today's digital landscape, where fast-moving consumer content dominates the internet. The precision and clarity of these tutorials and podcasts significantly enhance skill acquisition and operational efficiency in the social and development sectors.

Promo Videos and Reels

Urban Innovation Lab specializes in the creation of promotional videos designed as teaser content for project interventions and community films intended for film festivals. Leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, these videos achieve superior engagement and conversion rates compared to traditional marketing methods. They effectively enhance visibility and promote initiatives within the social and development sectors, maximizing outreach and impact. Our extensive reels library encompasses over 1,000 videos designed for audience engagement, amassing thousands of viewership hours on our channel. We leverage trending styles, including behind-the-scenes glimpses, tutorials, FAQs, educational content, listicles, creator partnerships, POV narratives, business promotions, trend showcases, time lapses, before-and-after transformations, and day-in-the-life segments. This diverse range of content ensures we effectively capture and retain viewer interest across various social and development sector topics.

Business Info Videos

We produce sophisticated business introduction videos that succinctly convey your organization’s services and demonstrate the positive impacts of your projects. These videos are integral for fundraising efforts, attracting new audiences, and establishing market credibility. Through compelling visual storytelling and strategic presentation, they effectively communicate organizational value and foster stakeholder engagement within the social and development sectors. Some of our flagship project introduction videos have been created for esteemed clients such as GIZ – German Development Bank, and Project Samridh of IPE Global funded by USAID, among many others. We assemble bespoke teams to produce these videos, meticulously following brand guidelines and adhering to the organization’s values. This ensures that we deliver high-impact, effective videos that truly represent and enhance the significance of your projects.

Documentary Videos

Our documentary videos are expertly produced to capture and present the narratives of beneficiaries and communities, emphasizing the tangible impacts of development initiatives. These videos are indispensable for organizational showcases and stakeholder communications, providing a comprehensive view of large-scale infrastructure projects. By employing empathetic and engaging storytelling, they drive support and highlight the significance of these initiatives. We have produced long-format documentary-style videos for KfW Development Bank, ranging from concise 3-minute and 5-minute segments to more extensive 10-minute features.

Animated Videos

Urban Innovation Lab excels in producing animated videos, encompassing detailed storyboarding, precise caricature design, character aesthetics, and the fluid movement of objects. These videos translate complex concepts into accessible and memorable visual content, significantly enhancing audience comprehension and engagement. Our technical expertise ensures that animated videos effectively communicate intricate information within the social and development sectors. In the animated video category, Urban Innovation Lab has produced over 20 videos, including projects for esteemed clients such as LV Prasad Eye Institute, demonstrating our expertise and versatility in creating impactful visual content.


Many thanks for all your work for KfW during the last months. The films were highly praised during our 75 years celebration last week and have contributed to a great celebration in general.

Stefan Kliesch
Head of Energy Team, KfW Development Bank

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