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Set a new standard with reports that are not only informative but also visually stunning.


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Our designs turn your reports into conversation starters, ensuring your message resonates.


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Expect meticulous attention to detail and innovative design in every report we craft.


Your Data, Our Design, Unmatched Results

Let us transform your raw data into polished reports that deliver unparalleled clarity and impact.

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Technical Report Design

We ensure your Technical Report adheres to the highest standards, emphasizing accuracy, clarity, and comprehensive analysis. Our designers create visuals that enhance the presentation of your data, supporting your organization's technical achievements and strategic goals. Technical Reporting provides a detailed view of your methodologies, findings, and conclusions, blending rigorous data analysis with insights into your project's impact and implications. This approach is exemplified in our work on Bhatiya Vikash Trust’s report, FROM CRISIS TO COLLABORATION: Decoding India's Healthcare Innovations in Response to COVID-19, HCL Foundation Toolkit on Clean Noida Project - Waste Management, Landscape Review and Strategic Roadmap for Used Water Management in Maharashtra, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies in Disaster Management and Urban Resilience Objective, GIZ - Digital Skill Rapid Assessment, where our team had handled research writing, content editing and design.

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At Urban Innovation Lab, we specialize in transforming your annual data into visually compelling reports that captivate your target audience and inform relevant stakeholders. Our expertly crafted designs ensure that your achievements are effectively communicated through clear and engaging narratives. A prime example of our work is the Disha Annual Report, which included both design and content editing for a training program focusing on upliftment of lives of women at grassroot level conducted by the Tata Steel Foundation. This program reached nearly 5,000 women across Jharkhand and Odisha during the year 2023-2024. Additionally, our team prepared a comprehensive 1,000-page library for Tata Steel Foundation’s agriculture program, demonstrating our capacity for extensive and detailed reporting.

Annual Report Design


CSR Report Design

Our CSR report designs seamlessly integrate your corporate objectives with community development goals, presenting them in a visually appealing format that enhances your reputation and showcases your commitment to social responsibility. A prime example is the JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. CSR Road Map 2030 report, Managing Our Waste - The Story of Sawardari Solid Waste Management Project, WADI – An Horticulture based Model for the Income Enhancement and Sustainable Livelihoods of Tribal Communities in Dhadgaon Block of Nandurbar District 2024 all these designed for NuSocia.

Evaluation Report Design

At Urban Innovation Lab, we specialize in crafting evaluation reports and impact assessment reports that transform complex data into clear and impactful insights. Our use of concise graphics and detailed analysis helps support informed decision-making and effectively showcases the success of your complex monitoring frameworks. A notable example is our work on the Cyclone Amphan Relief Evaluation and Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic Evaluation Report, where we highlighted the significant outcomes and effectiveness of the relief efforts.

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ESG and Sustainability Report Design

Boost your ESG and Sustainability Reports with the innovative designs and compelling content from Urban Innovation Lab. Our services transform your initiatives into standout visual narratives that highlight your impact in sustainability. Crafting impactful ESG reports requires a strategic blend of design and storytelling. By integrating engaging visuals, infographics, and narratives, we ensure your organization's sustainability initiatives resonate deeply with stakeholders. A prime example is the ESG Report for Licious Food for 2023-2024, where Urban Innovation Lab provided both design services and in-house reporting, delivering a comprehensive and captivating report.

Publication Design

At Urban Innovation Lab, we specialise in crafting publications including industry reports and market outlooks that transform complex data into clear and impactful insights. Our use of concise graphics and detailed analysis helps support informed decision-making and effectively showcases the success of your complex monitoring frameworks. A notable example is our work on the Cities of the Future report, where we highlighted the frameworks and systems for innovation design and implementation in public sector.


Shaping the Future of Report Making

At Urban Innovation Lab, we revolutionize report creation with deep domain and sector knowledge. Specializing in the social sector and impact creation domain, we operate in sectors such as healthcare, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), transport, environment, housing, and more. Our reports transcend mere data, inspiring action, fostering understanding, and driving progress.


We highlight the efforts of team members and achievements for the target audience, creating visually compelling narratives that illuminate paths and empower informed decisions. Our documentation showcases the contributions of donors, funding agencies, and implementation partners. Partner with us to transform your data into impactful, strategic tools for the future, ensuring your initiatives are effectively communicated and your impact clearly demonstrated.

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Many thanks for all your work for KfW during the last months. The films were highly praised during our 75 years celebration last week and have contributed to a great celebration in general.

Stefan Kliesch
Head of Energy Team, KfW Development Bank

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