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KfW Development Bank

Video Film on Urban Sector Program in Tamil Nadu

Delhi, India

Short Video

About The Project

The KfW Development Bank planned to sign a loan agreement worth 500 million Euros with the Government of Tamil Nadu for the "Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure Financing" phase two. To commemorate this occasion, the bank's sustainable urban development team wanted to present a brief video during the loan signing ceremony. This video, with a duration of less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds, was aimed at highlighting the bank's accomplishments in Tamil Nadu's urban sector over the past decade, emphasizing their dedication to climate change and innovation in the upcoming phase. Adhering to the KfW's corporate branding guidelines, KfW Development Bank selected UIL to produce this short video film. 

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Services Provided

The UIL team provided comprehensive services for this video documentary production assignment. The activities spans from initial requirement gathering and script development, through the intricate phases of filming and post-production, culminating in a high-profile launch and public release. 


Background and Pre-Production 

Needs Assessment and Storyline Development:  

  1. The UIL team meticulously developed a requirement gathering sheet to outline the essential components for the impact story. 

  2. A thorough review of mid-term and appraisal reports, along with project documents, was conducted to identify key initiatives and impacts. 

  3. The team engaged in extensive secondary research to establish a robust program context. 

Script Crafting 

  • A comprehensive script was crafted, encapsulating the evolution of the Indo-German partnership and the dynamics of urbanization in Tamil Nadu. 

  • The script highlighted various funded projects, innovative financing methods like pooled bonds, and future prospects in climate resilience. 

  • Notable inclusions were dialogues from high-ranking government officials, enriching the narrative with authoritative insights. 

Production Phase 

Diverse Filming Locations and Techniques 

  • The team executed filming at key project offices and sites across Chennai, Ooty, Coimbatore, Erode, and Mettupalayam, capturing a wide range of infrastructural projects. 

  • International collaboration included shoots at the Germany office, guided by detailed briefs and instructions to the shooting unit. 

  • Advanced filming techniques, including drone and DSLR camera usage, brought cinematic quality to the visuals, enhanced by time-lapses and dynamic shots. 

Voice and Music Production 

  • Voice-overs were crafted using cutting-edge AI voice generation tools, adding a polished, professional touch to the narration. 

The soundtrack was carefully selected from premium stock music, complementing the visual narrative. 

Post-Production and Final Touches 

Editing and Visual Enhancements 

  • Meticulous editing was undertaken in Adobe Premiere Pro, ensuring a seamless and engaging flow. 

  • The addition of illustrations, graphics, and animations via Adobe After Effects elevated the documentary's visual appeal. 

  • Subtitles were integrated, ensuring accessibility and broader reach. 

Equipment and Software Utilization 

  • The project made extensive use of high-quality equipment, including DSLR cameras, gimbals, and drones, complemented by a sophisticated lighting setup and audio gear. 

  • Post-production was expertly handled with the Adobe Creative Suite, emphasizing the team's technical proficiency. 

Team Composition and Iterative Process 

Collaborative Efforts and Expertise 

  • The filming crew, comprising producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, drone pilots, light and sound assistants, showcased a harmonious blend of creativity and technical skill. 

  • Feedback from both India and Germany offices was incorporated through two comprehensive rounds of iterations, reflecting a commitment to excellence and collaboration. 

Launch and Public Engagement 

Premiere and Release 

  • The documentary debuted in a high-profile event attended by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and other dignitaries, marking a significant milestone. 

  • It was subsequently released to the public, gaining wide exposure through the official Twitter handle of KfW Development Bank India office, marking the project's successful culmination and broad impact. 

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