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MPHIDB PR & Social Media Management Services


Social Media Management

About The Project

The Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board (MPHIDB), a premier real estate developer in Madhya Pradesh, has an impressive track record of delivering over 400,000 houses since its establishment. Recognized for its robust technical expertise, MPHIDB has identified a need to elevate its public image and enhance its relationships with the community. To address this, a comprehensive project focusing on strategic management of social media and public relations (PR) activities has been initiated. This project aims to revamp MPHIDB's digital footprint across various social media channels. It involves a meticulous approach towards planning, implementing, and consistently managing MPHIDB's online presence. The strategy encompasses a wide array of activities: from content creation and scheduling to engaging with the online community. Performance tracking and managing advertising campaigns are key components of this initiative. 


MPHIDB appointed UIL through CEDMAP to brings specialized expertise in social media management and public relations services. The team at UIL is committed to ensuring brand consistency across platforms while adapting to the latest trends in digital communication. A significant part of the strategy involves in-depth trend analysis and long-term planning. The goal is to not only bolster MPHIDB's digital visibility but also to strengthen its brand reputation, foster community engagement, and streamline its public relations efforts. This project represents a transformative step for MPHIDB in how it communicates and interacts with the public, leveraging digital tools and strategies to build a more dynamic, responsive, and engaging public image. 

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Services Provided

Public Relations (PR) 

  • Positive News Coverage in Leading Newspapers: Secured regular, positive media coverage for MPHIDB in top-tier newspapers. Orchestrated media outreach campaigns, press releases, and exclusive stories. 

  • Managing News Coverage Impact: Ensured consistent coverage, targeting 15-20 high-impact stories per month in 10-15 leading newspapers. 

  • Organizing Webinars and Collaborations: Facilitated webinars with industry experts, and partnerships with national and international organizations to position MPHIDB as a thought leader. 


  • Development and Implementation of Campaigns for Real Estate Projects: Created unique branding campaigns for each real estate project, highlighting their USPs to attract specific market segments. 

  • Branding of High-Profile Events: Created social media creatives and managed coverage of social media for event chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India (virtually) and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in person for Hukumchand Mills Labour Dues Settlement organised in Indore on 25 December 2023. Coverage in leadings hindi and english newspapers and TV channels was also managed. 

  • Operationalizing Newsletters: Developed a regular newsletter strategy to strengthen brand loyalty and keep the community informed about MPHIDB's activities and achievements. 

  • Influencer Collaborations and Brand Awareness: Partnered with key influencers to amplify brand message and reach a wider, yet targeted, audience. 

  • Collaborating with Radio and TV Channels: Executed strategic collaborations with radio and TV channels for broader brand promotion. 

  • Local Collaborations: Local collaborations with resident welfare associations, and other institutions were made to develop testimonials and customer success stories to build the brand reputation. 

Digital Marketing 

  • Social Media Strategy and Handle Operations: Crafted and executed a comprehensive social media strategy across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Managed creation and operation of social media accounts, ensuring brand consistency. 

  • Content Development and Community Engagement: Generated engaging and informative content, and actively managed community interactions to build a loyal follower base. 

  • Monthly Content Calendars and Lead Generation Campaigns: Developed and implemented monthly content calendars and lead generation campaigns to drive user engagement and conversions. 

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Performance Monitoring: Managed PPC campaigns with ongoing optimization and performance analysis to maximize ROI. 

  • Website Management and UI/UX Enhancement: Overhauled the MPHIDB website with a focus on user experience, leading to increased visitor engagement and retention. 

  • Blog Development and SEO: Produced SEO-optimized blog content to improve organic reach and search engine rankings. 

  • Email, WhatsApp and SMS Marketing: Implemented direct marketing strategies through Email, WhatsApp and SMS to engage with the audience on a personal level. 

  • Video, Reels, and Posts Creation: Produced diverse forms of digital content, including videos and reels, to keep the audience engaged and informed. 

  • Analytics and Trend Analysis: Utilized analytics tools for trend analysis and adapting strategies for enhanced digital presence and engagement. 

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